• July 26, 2021

NFL Players, ESPN, Pepsi, NFL and NBA players in 2020

Bleacher Bleacher Sports is reporting that NFL players, ESPN and Pepsi will use their platforms to promote their products in 2020.

According to ESPN’s announcement, “we are proud to be partnering with our partners at Pepsi to deliver new content for our players across all ESPN platforms, including ESPN2, ESPN Deportes and ESPNU.”

The new partnership will feature “the newest innovations and platforms for our current and future players” to “deliver engaging and entertaining content and connect with fans and followers.”

ESPN’s announcement also highlighted its new partnership with NFL Network, which will “create and deliver the content that fans love and love to watch, including game coverage, breaking news, exclusive interviews and more.”

Pepsi has also partnered with the NFL and NFL Network in the past, but it’s unclear if the two will be looking to continue the partnership.