• August 4, 2021

How to find the most profitable star advertisers

The ad giant is the leading player in the lucrative and lucrative digital advertising market.

It is responsible for advertising on Apple, Google and Facebook.

But it is also one of the largest players in the space.

Here’s how to find out who is the most successful star advertisers in the world.


Red Bull adverts star advertisers 1.1.

Redbull adverts stars adverts Red Bull is one of India’s biggest digital ad providers.

It has around 2.8 billion monthly active users in India.

Red Bulls adverts are popular on platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp and WhatsApp Messenger.

RedBull adverts make up 1.2% of the top-paid adverts on Facebook and 1.4% on Google.

RedBum is a subsidiary of Red Bull, which is owned by German group RBS.


Netflix adverts Netflix has a dominant position in India, where it has an estimated 1.6 billion monthly paid users.

The streaming video service has a whopping 60 billion total paid subscriptions in India alone.

Netflix has invested more than Rs. 4,000 crore in India to date.

It currently has more than 4 million users.


Google adverts Google is the top digital advertiser in India with a $9 billion annual revenue.

Google owns adtech.in, a startup that uses Google AdWords to generate and manage digital ads.

Google is also a major player in online content.

Google advertises on social media, but its most popular online advertising channel is YouTube.

YouTube has more views than the Google ad network.


Facebook adverts Facebook is India’s second largest digital advertisers with an estimated $5 billion annual budget.

Facebook advertises in several other digital platforms as well.


Apple adverts Apple is the third largest digital advertising network in the country with $4.3 billion annual advertising budget.

It owns several media companies, including Vimeo, YouTube, and Apple’s app store.


Microsoft adverts Microsoft is the largest advertising network and publisher in India at $2.8bn annual ad budget.

Microsoft has a strong presence on social networking sites and in the Apple App Store.


YouTube adverts YouTube is the second largest video platform in India after Google.

YouTube is a platform for creators and users to upload their videos and share them.

YouTube ads are seen by more than 500 million people.


Microsoft’s Xbox adverts Xbox is India ‘s second biggest video platform with more than $1.2 billion annual ad revenue.

Xbox advertises mostly on Xbox Live and on Xbox gaming services.


Google’s YouTube ad campaigns Google is India s largest video publisher and a YouTube channel with more more than 1.5 billion subscribers.

YouTube advertises more than 2.5 million times per day.


Spotify adverts Spotify is Indias second largest streaming music streaming platform with nearly 1 billion monthly subscribers.

Spotify has more users than Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Google combined.

Spotify advertises with its own ad network, YouTube Play, which has more viewers than YouTube and the YouTube platform combined.


YouTube’s YouTube Ad Manager Google is an ad network in India owned by Alphabet.

Google has an ad team in India as well as its own online ads platform, Google Play.


Amazon adverts Amazon is the country s largest online retailer.

It adverts in a number of digital platforms including Flipkart, Paytm, Google Shopping, Amazon Prime, Amazon Fresh and Amazon Music.


Netflix’s YouTube TV adverts It has more subscribers than Amazon Prime and more than a billion active users.

Netflix is the world s second largest content service, after YouTube.

Netflix advertises through its own YouTube TV channel.


Amazon’s YouTube Video adverts On Amazon Prime video service, the company offers a number video platforms.

Netflix offers a large number of video platforms on its own channel.


Amazon Play Movies adverts The company is one the largest movie and TV subscription service providers in India that has a $2 billion ad budget on top of its $7 billion ad spend in 2015.

Amazon is also the second biggest online movie and television subscription service provider in India behind YouTube.


Netflix Play Movies app Amazon Prime is one a popular streaming video app that offers movies and TV.

The company has an advertising budget of more than 10 billion dollars.


Amazon Prime Video ad campaigns The company advertises online video on its Amazon Prime channel, which attracts more than 50 million subscribers.


Netflix Prime Video app on Google Play The company offers an ad-supported app on Android and iOS platforms.

It also offers an app for iPhones and iPads.


Amazon video ad campaigns Amazon Prime also offers a video app for Android phones and tablets.


Amazon TV ad campaigns Netflix also offers video on demand on Amazon Prime TV. 21.

Netflix and Google Play’s Google Play is one India s biggest video content platform.

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