• August 6, 2021

How to get alda to stop advertising the NHS

How can you help to stop the NHS advertising on Aldi?

Read moreAldi will continue to run ads for its own brand on Aldis products, but customers have been told to change the names of Aldi products and products sold by other retailers.

Aldis told The Sunday Telegraph it would continue to use Aldi names and logos for its Aldi brands.

“Aldidis brands have always been the ones that were developed and created specifically for Aldi, not the Aldi brand,” said a spokesman.

“We have always done our best to make sure that our products and services are safe, effective and effective.

The brands are sold by retailers and can be easily changed, and we will continue using Aldi for the time being.”

Alding said it was committed to doing all it could to improve the safety of its products.

“Our brand safety work is focused on the safety and quality of Aldis ingredients, which is one of the key pillars of Aldin’s approach to its safety programme,” said an Aldi spokesman.

A spokesman for Aldin said the firm’s safety strategy includes improving food safety and food quality.

“The company has been working with our suppliers to develop and implement a food safety strategy that includes: a thorough food safety analysis of our supply chain and food manufacturing operations; a thorough risk assessment of the ingredients in our products; a comprehensive review of food safety compliance; and a thorough assessment of food products that we are selling to our customers.”

As with any food safety issue, Aldin is taking the appropriate action to protect its consumers and staff.