• August 17, 2021

How to advertise your purple ad in the New York Times

New York City’s largest newspaper, The Times, is a frequent target of anti-black racial animus.

Last week, the newspaper ran a story headlined, “Why is this the best way to reach African Americans?”

In response, a white woman tweeted a photo of her and her friend standing at the front door of the Times building, with the headline “You can’t even get a free copy of The Times if you come here.”

She captioned the photo with the hashtags #blacklivesmatter and #blackwomenfirst.

The image, which was later shared more than 1,400 times, was retweeted more than 9,000 times.

“I’m a woman,” the woman wrote.

“It’s time to stop saying we’re ‘white’ and ‘black,’ or ‘Latino,’ and just say ‘Black Lives Matter.'”

The woman was among a group of women who called out the Times’ blackness.

The New York Daily News reported that the woman was one of several who took to Twitter and Facebook to voice their anger.

“The Times should not be a place for the voices of marginalized people to be silenced.

#BlackLivesMatter is a hashtag, and it is not a thing,” said one woman, referring to the hashtag of Black Lives Matter.

A spokesperson for The Times told BuzzFeed News that the article was inaccurate and the photo was not published.

The Times’ racial diversity program director, Michael B. Smith, told BuzzFeed that the photo had been published before and that he did not intend it to be offensive.

“While we regret the hurt caused by this post, we were clearly not aware of it prior to publication,” Smith said in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

The Daily News article also noted that many black women who work in the newsroom are African American, but that The Times did not list their race in the story. “

As we’ve seen, when we publish in print or online, our stories can be read by a wide range of audiences, so it’s important that we are transparent about our diversity and inclusion practices.”

The Daily News article also noted that many black women who work in the newsroom are African American, but that The Times did not list their race in the story.

The article, which originally ran on Wednesday, included a comment from the woman.

“So many times when I see stories about the plight of black women and other marginalized groups, I wonder if they’re not just perpetuating white supremacy or racist tropes,” the commenter wrote.

The Daily Mail, the UK’s biggest tabloid, ran an article on Thursday titled “Why did this racist photo go viral?”

The article featured a photo showing a woman in a white shirt, standing outside a Times building.

“In case you didn’t know, the Black Lives Matters campaign is a grassroots movement of women, black people and others,” the article reads.

“But this was a racist photo that was put out by the New Zealand Herald yesterday and has been shared widely on social media.

We can’t be bothered to correct it or to clarify that it was an accident.”

BuzzFeed News reached out to the Times for comment, but did not receive a response as of Thursday afternoon.

The newspaper has a longstanding policy of not commenting on controversial articles or issues, but it did issue a statement about the article this past week, which included a note that the newspaper had received a number of complaints from black women about the photo.

“Our policy on the use of photographs that are racially offensive is that we will not accept them unless we are told to do so by an appropriate professional,” the statement reads.

The photo has since been taken down.

The photograph, which has since made its way to social media, has also been used by several news outlets, including The Guardian and the Daily Mail.

“We have had some complaints about the image that we can’t find any reference to that actually exists in our archives, but in the interests of fairness we have taken it down,” Smith told BuzzFeed.

“There’s no reason for us to be using it.

These were all taken in the 1960s, and we can confirm that there was no reference to race in them whatsoever, so we have no reason to use them.”

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