• August 19, 2021

Apple ads are back on the airwaves, but it won’t be the same

A brand new Apple ad campaign is hitting the airways, but one that’s been out for months won’t feature the iPhone maker’s most recognizable product line.

Apple debuted the ad on Wednesday, featuring two people holding iPhones.

The ad will run in New York and Los Angeles, and will also air in cities including Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, Denver, Miami and Detroit, according to the ad agency.

The ads are the latest signs that Apple is going back to its roots after a tumultuous year.

The company has faced criticism from consumers, advertisers and critics over its advertising policies.

Some consumer groups say the ads are a cheap ploy to gain more airtime.

The ad is part of Apple’s effort to reconnect with consumers and build an identity with them, according a statement from Apple.

“This campaign is the result of years of working to build a new way of thinking about the future of Apple,” Apple said in a statement.

It’s unclear whether Apple is doing this in an attempt to draw in new customers or if the ads simply represent a new look at the company, which was once a symbol of tech innovation.

Apple has struggled to stay relevant as consumers have grown increasingly disenchanted with the company’s products.

The iPhone, which has become the benchmark of smartphones and the most popular phone on the market, has struggled with a reputation as a flop.

This new ad is a way for Apple to continue to show a different side of its brand and bring more excitement to our fans and viewers,” said Apple spokesperson Lisa Hickey in a post on Instagram.

Other ad campaigns from Apple include one featuring a woman sitting on a toilet, another that features a woman in a bathtub, and one that features the silhouette of an Apple logo.

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