• September 2, 2021

Trump, Sanders battle to boost ‘Puffery’ advertising on the ballot

Trump and Bernie Sanders are battling to boost “Puffers” advertising on state ballots, a move that could dramatically alter the course of the presidential race.

Puffering is an unofficial advertising campaign that is funded by billionaire John Kasich, who has spent years running the New Hampshire campaign for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

But Trump has spent tens of millions of dollars in the state to bolster his image and the campaign’s coffers.

The Kasich campaign has spent about $1.3 million to date, with the bulk of that money on billboards, digital ads and radio spots.

Sanders has spent an average of $1 million per day for his campaign and is expected to spend about $2 million.

The Sanders campaign is spending more on ads on the airwaves and on social media than the Kasich campaign.

Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver has said the advertising is not directly related to Kasich’s run but is aimed at the Republican National Committee, which has struggled to attract new voters and has failed to attract younger voters.

“It’s an effort to turn people against Donald Trump,” Weaver said.

“We’re looking at a number of different ways that we can attack him.”

The Sanders campaign has already spent about half a million dollars on advertising, which is dwarfed by the Kasichs $3.6 million.

Sanders has spent nearly $3 million, while Kasich has spent $1,800.

That is because Sanders is running his campaign in a state where he has received nearly $1 billion in campaign contributions from large donors.

Trump’s campaign is not spending any money on advertising but said it is taking steps to protect the image of his campaign.

“The Trump campaign is focused on its ad buys and it is not buying ads to promote Donald Trump in the media,” a Trump spokesperson said.

Kasich campaign spokesman Jeff Weaver declined to comment on the ad buys.

“Our campaign is focusing on defeating Donald Trump, and our campaign ad buys are not designed to promote his opponent.”

Sanders campaign spokesman Michael Briggs also declined to say whether the ad spending was related to the ads the Kasich team has spent in New Hampshire.

Sanders’ campaign has been on a blitz in the Granite State, where it has spent more than $1 for every 100 votes cast in the Democratic primary.

Trump has also been spending in the race, raising $6 million in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The Trump and Kasich campaigns also have an online ad campaign called “TrumpNation” that is aimed directly at voters.

It says the two candidates are competing to be the best at bringing Americans back to work and the economy.

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said the ads are aimed at voters in the states that Trump won by a huge margin, not the state where Sanders won.

“Trump’s ad buys in New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida are all aimed at his supporters in the four battleground states where he won,” she said.

Trump’s campaign said it will spend an additional $200 million in the coming weeks in New Jersey, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

The ad buys have been designed to encourage people to register to vote.

The Trump campaign has said it has been spending $3 billion to date in the United States.

Trump has spent the most on ads in Iowa and New Hampshire, which Sanders won by more than 200,000 votes.

Sanders won the Iowa caucuses by less than 200 votes.

The last time the two campaigns did this together was in the 2012 election, when Sanders led Trump by more votes than he had in the general election.

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