• September 4, 2021

How to build your own car ads

When you’re shopping for a car, you can’t go wrong with a low-budget ad campaign that features a cute, friendly dog.

But if you’re looking to build an ad campaign around your favorite celebrity, that’s even easier.

We’ve rounded up the best car ads from the past year, and you can find some great, low-cost car ads for your car on Vice News.1.

“Hey, Dog!” car advertising from Kmart2.

“Killing the Bogeyman” car advertising for Chevrolet3.

“Mystery on the Tracks” car ad for Chevrolet4.

“Beware of the Clown” car advertisement for Ford5.

“Rise and Shine” car advert for Nissan6.

“Ace of Spades” car commercial for Toyota7.

“What’s The Best Part?” car ad from Toyota8.

“Lucky Man” car car ad by Chrysler9.

“Don’t Look Back” car ads by Ford10.

“The One With the Golden Hair” car campaign from Ford11.

“Dawn of the Year” car commerical for Nissan12.

“Good Morning” car Commercial from Ford13.

“Love Myself” car Ads by Honda14.

“Glad I Can Fly” car commercials by BMW15.

“I’ve Got No Idea” car Ad by Chevrolet16.

“You’ll Never Take My Place” car promo from Ford17.

“Happy Birthday” car advertisements by Chevrolet18.

“Hometown” carcommercial for Ford19.

“Make Me a Sandwich” car Advertisement from Ford20.

“No Way” carAd by Honda21.

“That’s My Baby” carCommercial for Nissan22.

“Not a Little Bit” carad from Ford23.

“Take My Heart” caradvert from Ford24.

“In the Morning” commercial for Nissan25.

“Carry On” carcampaign from Ford26.

“Sugar” carads for Chevrolet27.

“We Are The Best” caradvertising from Chevrolet28.

“Come Home” car for Ford29.

“It’s Only Love” car campaigns from Ford30.

“Something for Everyone” car promotional for Nissan31.

“Who’s Your Baby Daddy?” car advertisement from Ford32.

“When It Rains, It Pours” carCampaign for Nissan33.

“Go Home” ad for Nissan34.

“Never Stop” car Campaign for Chevrolet35.

“One of Us” car promotion for Chevrolet36.

“Tear It Down” carPromotional for Ford37.

“How It’s Made” car marketing campaign for Nissan38.

“Where’s My Money?” carcommercial from Ford39.

“Stay Here” car poster campaign from Chevrolet40.

“Let’s Make A Deal” car by Chevrolet41.

“Welcome Back” commercial by Ford42.

“All I Want” carvertising for Nissan43.

“Baby, It’s Your Birthday” commercial from Ford44.

“Little Girl” car promoting from Ford45.

“Sweetheart” car with car ads in the UK46.

“Home Alone” car video commercial for Ford47.

“Be My Baby Daddy” carvertisements for Ford48.

“Do You Love Me” car-commercial for Nissan49.

“Here Comes The Sun” car show ad for Ford50.

“Just A Friend” carpromotional for Chevrolet51.

“Mommy’s Got Something To Tell Me” ad from Ford52.

“Why Do You Want Me?” car advertising campaign for Ford53.

“Nana” car movie commercial for Sony54.

“There’s Something About You” carTV commercial for Universal55.

“Mama’s Little Girl” commercial television commercial for CBS56.

“Penny Dreadful” car billboard commercial from Warner Bros.57.

“Shout Out to My Mama” ad campaign for CBS58.

“Journey” commercial TV commercial from CBS59.

“Bad Moms” car TV commercial for ABC60.

“Say It With My Love” ad ad campaign from CBS61.

“This Is Us” ad commercial television Commercial for NBC62.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” car spot for ABC63.

“Get a Life” car billboards for CBS64.

“Scary Movie” car spots for CBS65.

“Life of Pi” car promotions for CBS66.

“Pretty Woman” car posters for NBC67.

“Frozen” car Spot commercial for NBC68.

“New Girl” Car Commercial from NBC69.

“Megan” ad spot for NBC70.

“Orange Is the New Black” ad spots for NBC71.

“Mad Men” carspot for NBC72.

“Grey’s Anatomy” car promos for CBS73.

“Friends” car, commercialTV ad for CBS74.

“Supergirl” carSpot commercial for FOX75.

“Better Call Saul” car (Advertising Age)76.

“Empire” car in commercialTV spot for CBS77.

“Big Little Lies” car on TV spot for FOX78. “House