• September 22, 2021

Dubuque business ad hits the airwaves for the first time

Dubuques first business advertisement in years has hit the air.

The Dubuquan County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Wednesday to place an ad in the local newspaper, the Argus Leader, and online.

It will run for five days, starting Friday.

Dubuque’s announcement came as a surprise to some of its neighbors, who had predicted it would happen this year.

But it was welcomed by many who saw it as an opportunity to reach out to the broader community.

The ad is a partnership between the county and its local TV station, the News-Leader, which runs a daily political ad called the Spotlight.

It is the first commercial in years that will feature the local business community.

Duke University business professor and local businessman Paul Hickey said he thought it was a good idea.

“I don’t think there is any better opportunity than this for a community that is going to be seeing a lot of businesses and a lot that will be coming to Dubuq, and I think it is a great opportunity for the community,” Hickey told the Arguss Leader.

“It really does help with recruitment.

People can see that we have a good business climate and it gives them an opportunity that would be hard to get elsewhere,” he said.

Dubue County Commissioner Eric Schmoe says his office has been in contact with the local TV company, but has yet to receive a response from them.

“We are working with the news station right now, but we haven’t gotten a response yet,” he told the News Leader.

The campaign was conceived by local advertising agency DubuQuan Advertising, which has been doing political advertising since 2000.

Hickey said the Dubuqua area is home to a number of local companies, including the Blue Water Co., a water company, and several large hardware stores.

He said he is confident the ad will be noticed.

“They have been able to do that by getting the community involved.

And this is an opportunity for us to give them the exposure they are looking for,” he explained.