• September 25, 2021

When Fox News Advertisers Are Just Like Us, It’s Time To Embrace Google, Not Twitter

The idea of a platform that allows advertisers to run their own ad campaigns is new.

But there are signs that advertisers will begin to embrace Google, rather than Twitter, in the next year or so.

That’s according to a report from market research firm Strategy Analytics, which found that, while both Twitter and Google are gaining traction, advertisers are seeing more traction from Facebook and Apple, which have long had dominant ad campaigns on both platforms.

The research firm noted that Google is the third-largest social network in terms of ad spend, behind only Facebook and Twitter.

Advertiser adoption has come along for the ride.

Google’s search results and app searches have been the biggest gains for the social network, while the company has also added new services to its search engine and paid out in more than $100 million to advertisers to get them to use Google’s services.

Facebook is also seeing more positive results from its social network.

In a recent quarter, Facebook ad spending grew 10% on average across all platforms, according to the company’s second-quarter results.

But Facebook also is making money from ad campaigns and has seen more money in its ads than Google has in the past year, according a recent report from The Information, which noted that Facebook’s ads now represent about half of the ads on YouTube.

Apple also saw its ad spending grow 15% in Q2 and revenue jumped 11% on the year.

The report cited a variety of reasons for the growth.

In particular, Apple is using ad technology that it bought in the third quarter and has been using to boost its overall ad spend.

That technology has made it easier for advertisers to target customers in countries where Apple is dominant.