• October 15, 2021

Which NHL players have the most and least social media presence?

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NHL Players have an easy-to-understand social media strategy that they have to work within and it’s not just for the purpose of getting followers, likes and retweets.

Players who don’t get the social media exposure they deserve need to take advantage of it and get it in a more effective and efficient way.

The goal of this article is to help you figure out how many followers a player has on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

Players with more than 100,000 followers on Instagram are the most social.

Players with more 200,000+ followers are the least social.

For those players that don’t have as many followers, but do have more than 1 million on Instagram (more on that below), it’s important to know that they’re not necessarily the most or least social of players in terms of followers.

Here’s how they stack up: 1.

Sidney Crosby  1,814,724 Twitter followers (per year) Crosby has the most Instagram followers on Twitter, with 2,058,532 followers.

Crosby’s Twitter followers are pretty much evenly split between those in Canada and the U.S. Crosby has more than 3 million Instagram followers.


Evgeni Malkin  1,914,878 Twitter Followers (average per year) Malkin has the highest average Twitter follower, with 4,054,818 followers. 

Malkin’s followers are also pretty evenly split.

Malkin also has more Twitter followers than players in the top 10, like Daniel Alfredsson, Sidney Crosby, Sidney Jones, Ryan Getzlaf, and Ryan Getz.


Carey Price  2,034,946 Twitter Twitter Followers (average per month) Price has the largest Twitter follower in the NHL, with 6,834,976 followers.

Price’s followers on average are roughly the same as players in his position. 

Price’s followers average around 8,000 per month.


Tyler Seguin 2.7 Twitter Followers per year (minimum) Seguin has an average of 2.7 Twitter followers per year.

His followers average out to around 2,000, which is a bit higher than the average for players in this position.


Claude Giroux  5.8 Twitter follower per year (maximum) Giroux has an average of 5.8 Twitter followers per day.

Giroux’s followers number around 3,200, which puts him near the top of the league.


Connor McDavid  7.2 Twitter twitter follower  per day (highest) McDavid has an  twitter follower  of  7,638 per day, which means he has a twitter following per-day of  17.6.

The most popular player in this group is Patrick Kane, who has an overall Twitter follow of 15.7.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins  15.7 Tweet followers Per year Nugent-Pierce has a twitter follow of 20,836 per day.

Nugent Hopkins also has Twitter  followings of around 25,000. 

Nuggets fans know that Nugent is a huge fan of the team, as he’s been tweeting about the team’s win over the Chicago Blackhawks.

Nugents Twitter mentions are the best of all players in our study.

This group also has some players that are getting plenty of attention from other fans.

Connor Brown, who was traded to the Washington Capitals, has been tweeting a lot about the trade and what he thinks about it. 

The other players that come up a lot are the Pittsburgh Penguins, Dallas Stars, Winnipeg Jets, and Minnesota Wild.

Players in this category have high Instagram followings, but they also have fans that are watching them on Twitter. 

As a general rule, players with more followers than these are generally considered more influential than players with less followers.

They can be seen more frequently by their fans and can reach out to them more frequently.

This is a great time to be a fan of a player if you want to follow their every move, and to follow the team if you’re following their progress.

For players that have a lot of followers but not as many fans, it’s time to look into getting some more followers.

There are plenty of players that can do this, and some of them even have bigger followings than some of the players in here.

Here are the players with the highest number of followers: 1.)

Sidney Crosby     1.5 million Twitter Facebook Follows (Average per year)* Crosby has been active on Twitter for more than a year and is a frequent poster on social media.

His Facebook followers are just under 4 million.

Crosby is followed

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