• October 21, 2021

A new ad campaign is working to get millennials to buy black Friday ads, writes Jonathan Zittrain

NEW YORK — Ads featuring an African-American family, a black man and his white daughter are popping up across the country, but they’re also getting younger.

For the first time, the campaign, called Black Friday, is focusing on women and African-Americans, two groups that have historically been underserved.

It’s an approach that’s gaining steam, even as the millennial population is growing faster than its older peers, according to research by Millennial Strategy Group, a consumer research firm that tracks the changing demographics of the millennial generation.

The group’s research shows that young people are buying ads for products like Black Friday because of their demographic preferences.

“They’re not buying products just for their gender,” said Kevin D. Anderson, a Millennial Strategist and director of strategy at Millennial Strategic Group.

“They’re buying them for their interests.”

Black Friday is a day that typically brings big discounts and sales.

But, as the holiday season comes to an end, people are now buying ads online and offline to get their hands on big bargains.

On Black Friday in March, for instance, the Black Friday ad was for a brand-name dress with an online sale price of $75.

That was on top of an online discount of $50 off a $100 dress.

And that was just one of a number of Black Friday deals.

The day before, there were five Black Friday specials at Wal-Mart, a discount of up to 25 percent off the regular price of an item.

And on Black Friday this year, there was a $75 sale at a variety of retailers including Nordstrom, Target, Home Depot, BJs, Nordstrom Rack, Macy’s and Home Depot.

In the end, Black Friday sales for both men and women were higher than usual, according the Millennial Group.

The number of deals was also higher than average.

Black Friday has been an important part of the holiday shopping season for decades, Anderson said.

It’s traditionally been the day when retailers are trying to drive sales and get people to shop, he said.

But, Anderson added, “we’re seeing that Black Friday has become more relevant as we go through the holiday cycle.”

For example, Black Saturday is the day people shop online and pay off their credit card bills at a range of retailers, and that can drive up Black Friday spending.

And Black Friday is also a day when people go online to buy a large array of products, including new shoes, clothing and accessories.

Some advertisers are targeting millennials with Black Friday ads in a bid to sell more products and services to them, said Josh Sisk, a vice president at MillenniGenius, a company that develops and executes consumer research.

While Black Friday was historically reserved for big-ticket items, Sisk said it’s becoming a more popular day for people to go shopping online.

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