• October 28, 2021

How to Make a SnapChat Ad From Your Earphones

We’ve all heard the advice to buy your headphones for less than $10.

We’ve also heard the claim that you’ll get more out of them by not listening to ads.

It’s been widely believed for years, but new research shows that’s not true.

This week, TechCrunch published a study by the consumer research firm PwC that found that people who listen to advertisements have lower levels of activity on social media than those who don’t.

The takeaway is that if you listen to ads, you might be missing out on some of the best features on social networks.

PwCo’s study also found that those who have bought their headphones from an online retailer have been less active on social network platforms.

“What this research shows is that the digital world is changing and our current way of being consumers has not been as good as it could be,” says Michael Gendelman, vice president of consumer insights at PwCO.

“It’s time for consumers to start looking at ways to find out what’s going on around them and then try to find the best way to use those features.”

This could mean taking a closer look at the ads they see, as well as making sure they don’t run in their ears.

But it also means understanding the ad networks you’re buying from, as they may not be the best place to find content that you actually want.

PWC’s study found that online retailers like SnapChat were much more likely to show ads on social networking sites like Facebook than those that don’t (47% vs. 18%).

Advertisers on Snapchat have been known to target users who are most likely to listen to the ads, so you may want to be sure to check your ad settings for any restrictions.