• October 28, 2021

Radio ad for tiktaok: An easy way to tell if you’re being watched

An ad for radio ad for an app that uses a “tiktoka” (a Chinese word for a “sign” that looks like a word and sounds like a letter) to show a warning when you’re watched by an ad blocker may look a bit odd.

But that’s because it’s not really an ad at all.

It’s an interesting way of identifying the device you’re viewing an ad on, which is why you may not be noticing it at first glance.

Tiktoks are a type of wireless earbuds, often used in the United States and Europe, and are usually set to a different frequency to the radio stations that they’re broadcasting on.

So if you look at the audio feed, you’ll see that they are playing a “radio” ad.

The ad then changes to a “watch” ad, which has an audio file playing.

But you can also look for the different “radio stations” on your device, as they appear on the bottom of the app when you click the “play” button.

If you look up the name of the device, you can see that it’s a Bluetooth device, and a Bluetooth speaker is connected to the speaker in the middle.

The speaker itself has a logo on the front of it that says “TikTok” and “Bluetooth speaker.”

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you may also see the “Bluie” logo, which stands for Bluetooth Low Energy, which makes the Bluetooth audio connection between the device and the speaker.

And if you search for “toktaok” on the app, you will find a list of the “radio station” that the device is currently listening to, as well as an overview of what that station sounds like.

The idea behind these radio ads is that they track your device’s location to the point where the device will automatically show up on the watch face when you tap the “watch.”

TikTs are available for iPhone and Android phones, but not for iPads, as it’s currently possible to only listen to the watchface while your device is on the other end of the line.