• November 2, 2021

Kids’ toys may be safer than your own, new study suggests

Parents of young children have been warned that toys can be more dangerous than they realise, with one study finding that one in three kids have been hurt while playing with a toy.

The study by the Centre for Health and Child Safety found that toy-related injuries were up to a third higher than for children who played with toys without an accompanying toy.

Parents and researchers were concerned about the rise in toys being played with in children’s bedrooms, especially among children who are at high risk for the health conditions known as ‘play-related autism’.

The study also found that play-related anxiety and depression were common in children.

Here are the most common toys, according to the research, with the researchers stating that it was “possible” that they are not safe.


The Lego set The popular Lego set is the most popular toy for kids in the UK, with around 50 per cent of kids aged 11-15 using it at least once a month.

But it has become a popular target for play-toy misuse, with reports of toys being broken, dropped or used in inappropriate ways, including as a makeshift weapon.

The research, carried out by the UK’s Centre for Social and Community Research, was published in the BMJ.


The Nintendo Switch The Nintendo is popular with children aged 11 and up, with a recent survey finding that almost one in four of them have used the console as a controller.

However, there are reports of children abusing the system, and reports of players using it to play video games without parents or adults nearby.

The findings of the study, published in Pediatrics, found that “one in three children aged 10-11 have experienced some form of toy play-type injury”.


The Playstation 4 PlayStation 4 is the latest console in the gaming industry to come with an online multiplayer feature.

This is great news for gamers who want to play on consoles in their homes and online, as the feature allows players to play together and compete with other players across all of the consoles in the family.

However it has also been suggested that players could use the feature to take their children out for a weekend getaway, as well as to use it for other types of entertainment such as social media or gaming.


The PlayStation Vita The PlayStation 4 was released in November 2017, and has been a hit with gamers.

This console comes with a number of games including Call of Duty: Black Ops, Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Dead Rising 4.

However the research published by the study showed that around one in five children aged 7-9 had played with a video game with a PlayStation 4 controller.


The LEGO Movie Videogame LEGO has released a new line of LEGO figures which is available in a number types of different colours.

The latest releases include the “Tiny Titans” series which are based on characters from the LEGO movie franchise, as seen in the films Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Iron Man, Spiderman and Batman.


The Xbox One Xbox One has seen a big jump in popularity, with sales hitting an all-time high of 4.2 million consoles sold in November 2018.

However there has been concern that the technology used in the consoles is more advanced than the software which has been in use for over a decade, and that children can use it without supervision.

This research, published by Microsoft Research, concluded that “there is a need to improve child safety and privacy online.”


The Apple TV Apple has released new versions of its Apple TV software which it claims are designed to be “safe, secure and responsive” for all ages.

The new versions include new features which make it easier for parents to manage parental controls and help children play safely online.


The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset Oculus has announced a new version of the Rift headset which is designed to work with the Oculus Home VR virtual reality network, a service which lets users use their PC to control and access the Oculus Rift system.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung has launched a new phone called the Samsung Galaxy SE8 which is aimed at the emerging smartphone market.

Samsung is aiming to “help consumers and businesses build their own mobile phones” with its latest phones, including the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S7.


The Amazon Echo The Amazon Alexa device is designed as a personal assistant with a built-in microphone and microphone speaker.

The Echo also comes with Alexa for iPhone, Android, and Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant.


The Google Home The Google home assistant can be controlled via Google’s Android operating system, as Google has revealed that the device can also control other Google products.

The company has also confirmed that it has been working with the British Broadcasting Corporation on a project to create a Home TV app.


The LG Watch Urbane LG Watch is the first smartwatch to be announced by Samsung.

The smartwatch is available for pre-order