• July 8, 2021

How to find out how much you’re paying for Instagram ad space

How to check how much Instagram is charging you for ads on your account.

Instagram’s ads are now getting a lot more expensive.

Advertisers have been asking for more transparency on how much they’re charging for Instagram advertising space for months.

Instagram now has a new pricing structure that details how much an ad costs.

The new pricing is pretty simple, but it still left us wondering: is Instagram actually charging us more than it should be?

And is it really worth it?

To figure that out, we’ve taken a look at the amount of Instagram advertising revenue that has been generated for each ad type over the last six months.

That means that every month, Instagram has made some kind of money on ad placement, but there are still other things it could be paying more for.

We’ve included the ad rates for each type of ad (as well as the revenue per ad).

The ad rates are based on the total revenue for that ad type, so for example, if you have $1.2 million in revenue for your Instagram account, you’d see a rate of $0.75 per ad.

The same ad would cost $0