• July 9, 2021

What’s in your video ad?

Dubuque, Iowa (CNN) — What’s the best video ad you can find on Facebook?

Well, maybe not your own.

A new study from ad research company AdAge found that most people would probably prefer to watch the ads themselves rather than watch ads from other people.

It also found that people are willing to pay more for ads that they know are created by someone else.

The study found that more than two-thirds of people said they would pay more money to watch ads created by others, including brands, publishers, and media companies.

The most popular video ad format is video, with an average spend of $1,100 on the first video that gets shared by Facebook, according to the study.

AdAge also found the most popular formats are video ads, with ads shared by brands and publishers, video ads created for a specific purpose, and video ads from content creators.

AdAge CEO Matt Yglesias said he believes most people prefer the format of video because it’s more of a “live experience” than social media ads.

He said people would spend more money if they were able to see ads in real time.

He believes this will only grow with Facebook’s ability to track the number of times a video is shared.

Yglesia said that Facebook’s new video sharing platform, Stories, will give users access to video content and will make it easier to create and share videos.

He also said Stories will enable advertisers to connect with more people who share their videos.

Facebook is currently testing Stories on Facebook for video ads.

The company has said it plans to expand the feature into video ads to the wider public, but it hasn’t specified how long that will take.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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