• July 12, 2021

How to use ogilvy’s ‘Flawless Beauty’ ads

Ogilvy has released a new ad campaign highlighting its Fierce Beauty brand.

In the latest ad campaign titled ‘The Most Dangerous Beauty In The World’, Ogilzy is using its iconic Fierce beauty brand to promote its new line of cosmetics.

The ads show women who have lost the use of their eyes or face as a result of eye diseases, as well as people who have suffered from a variety of diseases including macular degeneration.

It is a bold campaign and one which could appeal to the younger demographic that is increasingly interested in beauty products, says Ogilbey CEO and CEO of Ogilvvy, Amitabh Desai.

According to Ogilvoys marketing director Amitabhin Dhanu, the ad campaign will highlight the range of FierceBeauty cosmetics available at the launch of the brand.

Fierce Beauty is the brand name of the company founded by Ogilvays founders Amitabha Desai and Ravi Shrestha in 2009.

It is now owned by Ogils parent company, Omnicom.

Ogilvy is known for its high-quality and innovative beauty products.

The company has been one of the leading brands in the beauty industry for decades.