• October 20, 2021

Why is there a 50s advert for a new game?

With all of the big news from this week’s NBA Finals, the 50s ad campaign for the new game is definitely the biggest and most visible one to come out of this year’s NBA finals.In the ad, a young man dressed up as a football coach, who looks nothing like an NFL head coach, explains…

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When an advertiser pays its staff for photos, you can see the difference

A few months ago, a friend of mine decided to use Google AdWords to find the best pepsi ad images for a particular product.As it turns out, this was a pretty straightforward process: He went through the search results, added his keywords, and the results popped up in his ad copy.After that, the results were…

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How to use ogilvy’s ‘Flawless Beauty’ ads

Ogilvy has released a new ad campaign highlighting its Fierce Beauty brand.In the latest ad campaign titled ‘The Most Dangerous Beauty In The World’, Ogilzy is using its iconic Fierce beauty brand to promote its new line of cosmetics.The ads show women who have lost the use of their eyes or face as a result…

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