• September 28, 2021

How to save money with the best vintage ads

How to make the best of a bad job: Get creative.The Wall St. Journal recently published a list of the best and worst vintage ads, and it’s a very important list.We’ll start with the list’s top five.1.The American Express Card ad from 1927 shows a woman getting a check from the card.The image has been…

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How to find the best advertisement for a podcast

This article contains content that may not be appropriate for all readers.Advertisers often advertise in podcasts.It’s up to you to find out if the ad is relevant to you.If you don’t like it, change the podcast’s description to read something that is.If it’s a popular podcast, make sure to read its reviews and subscribe to…

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How to get alda to stop advertising the NHS

How can you help to stop the NHS advertising on Aldi?Read moreAldi will continue to run ads for its own brand on Aldis products, but customers have been told to change the names of Aldi products and products sold by other retailers.Aldis told The Sunday Telegraph it would continue to use Aldi names and logos…

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