• November 25, 2021

When Good Ads Kill Good Ads

Good ads, like great movies, are always better than bad ads.This article provides an overview of how good ads can actually kill bad ads, and how advertisers can better manage the risk.The key to successful ads is that they aren’t just bad ads—they should be seen as “good ads” in the eyes of consumers.The best…

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Gay rights groups launch campaign for adverts to stop gender discrimination

BACKGROUND: The Equality Network, which promotes equality and human rights in Ireland, is launching a campaign to stop the gender discrimination in advertising and online services that has resulted in gender-based discrimination.The Equality Network will be running ads in the Irish Times, The Irish Times Digital and other print and online newspapers, including The Irish…

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When it comes to backpage, Facebook is on the front foot

Facebook has launched a new initiative to combat illegal online advertising, targeting backpage classified ads, according to a report by Fox Sports.The company is launching an online campaign called “The Most Common Ad,” which will focus on the sites most common ad formats and what users can do to fight back against these ads.According to…

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