• October 14, 2021

Which companies are paying the most for ad impressions?

When it comes to buying and selling ad impressions, the industry is still relatively new.That’s largely because of the proliferation of social media platforms, which offer more options for advertisers and their clients.That makes it easy for advertisers to create their own platforms, and for consumers to buy ad impressions in ways that may not…

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When does your business have to get its own website?

What’s a good idea to build your own website for your business?It’s a question we’ve heard before.But with all the buzz around the “internet of things” and how to integrate it into your business, it’s hard to know exactly how to choose which option is best.And even if you did, the results will vary based…

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How to get the most out of your ad dollars

NHL players and their families may have more disposable income than ever, but their paychecks are still not getting the attention they deserve.For more than a decade, hockey fans have been enjoying a steady flow of new television deals with big-name broadcasters and cable channels, but many are now feeling that their ad dollars are…

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