• October 10, 2021

What Facebook is doing to the American public

The Facebook ad buy is a big win for the tech giant and its allies, but they’re also a huge risk.It’s hard to imagine that any company would be more bullish on a public relations strategy than Facebook.For its part, Facebook says the ad buy represents an opportunity to expand its audience beyond its core…

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How to save money with the best vintage ads

How to make the best of a bad job: Get creative.The Wall St. Journal recently published a list of the best and worst vintage ads, and it’s a very important list.We’ll start with the list’s top five.1.The American Express Card ad from 1927 shows a woman getting a check from the card.The image has been…

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Home Depot offers ‘no-fault’ medical insurance for disabled vets

Home Depot has announced plans to offer medical insurance coverage to disabled vets who can afford it, including those who need to keep a low profile in order to maintain a low level of activity.The company said in a blog post on Monday that it was the first U.S. retail business to offer such coverage…

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