• October 29, 2021

When Gender Ads Don’t Work: Advertising is Not Working for Gender Equality

The gender advertising industry has been struggling for years to make a dent in the advertising space, as companies struggle to stay relevant to customers who are increasingly interested in buying from their gender-neutral brands.Gender ads are less likely to generate sales for gender-specific brands, and they tend to be more targeted at women.However, these…

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How to fix your gender ads in mobile apps

If you want to keep the gender ads of your app relevant, you’ll need to create an advertising model that makes sense.We’ve found that a gender ads model can be achieved by creating two separate advertising models: one for gender, one for age.These two models can be applied to both mobile and desktop apps.The easiest…

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Gay rights groups launch campaign for adverts to stop gender discrimination

BACKGROUND: The Equality Network, which promotes equality and human rights in Ireland, is launching a campaign to stop the gender discrimination in advertising and online services that has resulted in gender-based discrimination.The Equality Network will be running ads in the Irish Times, The Irish Times Digital and other print and online newspapers, including The Irish…

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