• September 17, 2021

Business Insider: A list of the top 100 businesses that use Facebook ads to drive traffic to their websites

The biggest ad network, ad network arbitrage, and ad network advertiser.It’s a list of some of the most influential ad networks on Facebook and what they do for advertisers.¬†These ads are paid for by their sponsors, who then use the advertising to drive more clicks and ad views.This is an important business to have.This article…

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How to advertise your purple ad in the New York Times

New York City’s largest newspaper, The Times, is a frequent target of anti-black racial animus.Last week, the newspaper ran a story headlined, “Why is this the best way to reach African Americans?”In response, a white woman tweeted a photo of her and her friend standing at the front door of the Times building, with the…

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Why you should pay attention to the ads that appear in your newsfeed

You have probably noticed that your news feed has been flooded with advertisements in the past week or two.They have often been placed by people you trust.They are paid for by you, the advertiser.Advertisers are paid to give you an experience that you may or may not want to spend money on.That means ads that…

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