• September 29, 2021

How to Tell If an Ad Is Promoting Propaganda

The American Media Institute has put together a handy guide to help you decide whether or not an advertisement is misleading.The Institute, a nonprofit group, is dedicated to “the improvement of our public discourse through research and educational work.”It has a website dedicated to debunking misleading advertising and is also responsible for compiling a list…

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When you pay for ads, what do you get?

Google News article Google has been making advertising a bigger part of its search results, but it seems that the company is now giving the same advertising experience to both ads and content.Google has updated its search terms page, where it now shows both ads as a separate article, as well as ads and news…

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How to save money in the health care system

The health care industry has come under scrutiny lately, thanks to the scandal over the sale of $6 billion worth of highly toxic drugs to an Indian pharmaceutical company.But how much is too much?In this episode, I’ll tell you.I’m joined by Michael P. Shiffrin, a senior health care economist at the RAND Corporation, and Mark…

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