• October 30, 2021

When is the best time to use your old football shirt?

Football Italian: It’s never the best.But the most obvious time to switch from one to the other, as in the case of shirts that have been worn by the team in recent years, is during the UEFA Champions League.In the past two years, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich have all worn them during the…

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Why is there a 50s advert for a new game?

With all of the big news from this week’s NBA Finals, the 50s ad campaign for the new game is definitely the biggest and most visible one to come out of this year’s NBA finals.In the ad, a young man dressed up as a football coach, who looks nothing like an NFL head coach, explains…

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How to save money with the best vintage ads

How to make the best of a bad job: Get creative.The Wall St. Journal recently published a list of the best and worst vintage ads, and it’s a very important list.We’ll start with the list’s top five.1.The American Express Card ad from 1927 shows a woman getting a check from the card.The image has been…

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